With concentrated pheromones

Pheromones can dramatically increase your sexiness. Be casual about it and say “hey, Im going to this and this on this night… you can come if you’d like.” Its like… Im going to this place no matter what but your invited to come too. They like to know they have a choice and also a lot of women are looking for things to do to get out of their boring routines so when a random guy invites them out without caring if they come or not… its like the coolest thing in their book. Just be cool about it. Don’t worry about where it goes. Its just cool to meet girls. Thats the frame to come from. Remember you love women no matter how they perceive you. Its about your love and owning that pheromone cologne according to http://pheromones-work.weebly.com/home/learn-about-pheromones-for-women and https://www.rebelmouse.com/bestpheromones/do-nexus-pheromones-work-842599599.html
I know dudes who are really really good at daygame and they get blown out a lot too with natural pheromones according to http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com/2015/03/with-or-without-pheromones.html
You only get good by sarging constantly with concentrated pheromones. look at the big dogs and what theyre doing they usually sarge a LOT and never quit. its like weight lifting or playing an instrument, to get really good you have to put in the work and never stopd. doing some approaches here and there wont cut your pheromone production.
the good thing is everyone can learn it you just have to go out there, push yourself and put in the work with pheromone perfumes. like with everything in life. but dont think it will be easy bc it will propably be NOT easy. if it was easy everyone would be doing it. i dont want to discourage you karma just some little reality check in here. Passed out right after my exam, but I woke up with just enough time to have like an hour or two downtown.
So I texted my friend and hit the clubs. It took me a while to approach, definitely didn’t go for the women that REALLY struck me. I am disappointed in this, because there were two girls I really liked but just didn’t have the heart to go talk to them  The girls I approached I still found attractive, but I want to talk to the ones I find absolutely sexy like some previous days I was out with natural pheromone cologne.
After an hour or so of listening to my mind chatter, I went to talk to this one girl. Lately, I’ve been checking out Mode One stuff, the guy resonates with me. Although I guess I wasn’t mode one by letting my nervousness get the better of me. I’m not radically changing anything that I am doing, I was already being honest with women (at least with my approach, because I always mention that I find her in some way attractive) but I wanted to be a little bolder to see how it felt for real pheromones.
right now im sarging every day, in the past i used to approach here and there … and that was also the results im getting, getting laid here and there. but never consistently with true pheromones.