Throes of orgasm and pleasure

If he is turned on, then just keep going. As I said, as he approaches orgasm you will feel the prostate start to swell, it will tighten and then when he actually gets to climax it will pulse. You will feel it pulse: clench in and release, clench in and release and pulse as he is ejaculating. As that happens, I would keep stroking his cock the entire time. You can go back to his balls a little bit, but you keep your finger inside there as he finishes ejaculating. Then slowly pull your finger out while you still have your hand on his cock. Learn more at and

He will be distracted in the throes of orgasm and pleasure. He wonʼt notice you bring your finger back out. If you donʼt get there in one sitting, or he doesnʼt have this powerful experience or you are feeling unconfident, just try it again another time. Every experience will build on itself. You will feel more comfortable and at ease both of you with practice. Variations on the theme The first position I gave you is definitely the best for finding the prostate, getting comfortable with prostate play and feeling confident that whenever you switch positions you will still be able to find it. Hereʼs another position that I find really sexy. You have the man still in all-fours, so you can easily find the prostate that way. Then you, the woman, slides yourself underneath him so that your are on your back. Your head is facing the same direction as his head and you can start giving him oral sex; while you are on your back and your finger is still up his ass. You are stimulating the prostate and sucking his cock at the same time. That is really fun! The added vigor and pleasure that he gets from prostate stimulation ought to translate into a much more involved and passionate administering to your mouth. The other position that is good is a conventional giving head position, where he is lying on his back and as the woman you are facing him, belly-to-belly. As you are giving him head, you can just slide your finger inside the rectum and stimulate the prostate. Any position where you can still reach the prostate is going to work. It is just a matter of you feeling comfortable enough that you can do that and engage in some other kind of interaction at the same time That will be the prostate. Once you hit it, you can just start really slowly massaging it and making little circles with your finger. If you feel like he is enjoying it and he is responding to it, sometimes that will manifest in the prostate swelling up. Especially when he is getting close to orgasm. Keep going. Then you can try more of “come-hither” technique. This is the same method that we were using for the female G-Spot. Then experiment with pushing. Stay in touch with him. His cock will you know how he is doing, but ask him as well. If he gives you the response “It feels different…” then you stop. That tends to be a very indirect way of saying “Iʼm not quite sure Iʼm getting this yet.” Learn more at