Pheromones Ratio

You obviously are focusing too much on it. 5:1 orgasm ratio ? That is crazy. It’s like a girl saying she wants to suck you 5 times a day, every time you meet. It’s not sustainable, neither for you nor for her. :innocent: I think you are thinking too much about the outcome, you are subcommunicating this concern and it creates a bad vibe which is not helping your cause. Just chill out and enjoy the process. nirad, I’ve read the claim that most women don’t have orgasms. I don’t believe it. I believe the underlying statistics – that a large fraction are not having orgasms – I just don’t believe that that’s because they can’t have them, except in very rare cases. I believe it’s mostly mental stress, lack of skill in the partner, and lack of training/knowledge of own body, with some basic lack of health/nutrient issues thrown in with real pheromones. Learn more at and stats for the number of my sex partners that has orgasms (around 95% excepting when I’ve been too drunk to coordinate my movements) WAY exceeds what the overall statistics say. It’s partially physical and observational technique, partially mental closeness and relaxation, and almost certainly quite a bit of partner selection of pheromones. That said, I have had at least one partner where I seriously worried about this. We talked about it – that put a lot of pressure on her, and it made it much much harder for her to orgasm. Even if LTR herself were NOT abused by anyone, “the pleasure principle” should also apply here. In other words, it would take some time to open herself up and eventually she is going to surrender to you as a partner. Since the relationship should be started recently, maybe it is a good idea to focus on some “baby steps” for now. Remember the motto that Every Woman’s Orgasm is Unique – explore what she REALLY likes to do in bed and find out how to give her an enjoyable experience with top pheromones. I’ve been unable to make her have an orgasm. It is likely that I am wrong to assume this particular mindset – can we actually make a less experienced woman have an orgasm? Should we substitute that with bring her to an orgasm or help her achieve an orgasm so that might sound a little less forceful? I am not at all implying that you are forcing her to get off or anything but that particular verb might be fine for more sexually active women who already know how to come with pheromone perfume. A past girlfriend of mine had this problem. She had never orgasmed with a guy. Her’s what she/we did: She got on top of me and masturbated herself during the intercourse for maybe a hour untiul she finally came. After that she never experienced the problem again. Instead she started to be one of those girls who comes really easy and quick and multiple times if they want to with real pheromones. Learn more at