Pheromones are used in colognes

Pheromones are used in colognes and sprays to increase sexual attraction.
Think you had no other possibilities, only the limitations of the way you have done it in the past, the way people have responded to you, the way you have progressed or not progressed with human pheromones. Check out pheromones at and
Then look up and realise two thing, a) There is absolutely no top on that box holding you down, and b) The moment you realize what a silly joke you played on yourself, you can stand fully erect. 
Pheromone cologne applies to everybody, people who think they have to conduct the relationship the way it has been conducted, people who believe they have to progress in their job, the way they have progressed, people who believe everyday has to be monotonous or boring or passionless, people who believe their business has to be on the same mandane, unfulfilling believing way thanks to pheromone attraction. Learn more about pheromones at
It is simply not true. The limiting belief system is what you have imposed on yourself. It has nothing to do with, what pheromone can be. Reality is instantly changed the moment you realise you have all the control, you always have, you always will, you do at this moment.
That’s the end of the quote” So, if you look around you see this everywhere, people just moving around and walking around in these grooves that are pre – determined in the pheromone scents, they just kindda meld in. 
You see it with working people, going to work, doing the same basics things you know. You get a job, what’s the next thing to follow? A house, a car, get married, kids, bigger house, more expensive cars, you get a raise, now they are acting like a manager so these guru’s just kind of…kind of get into and keep moving and without realizing that, if they realize that they will burn in this box , they can do a lot more pheromone cologne.
Some people are just comfortable and that’s the way they wanna do things. So, what we are talking ab out here is in the field of opening and in that field of opening we are starting a conversation, there are also your default ideas regarding it. Which you gotta relize that those are imposed or they have been adopted.
You haven’t really thought that much a bout it, if you have found the pheromone community, then you must have put some thought into them, but what’s happening is the mechanisms that already exist or the thought patterns which already exist are putting pressure on your ability to open. 
And, am gonna go over, how those gurus have even affected the community itself. So, if you are able 2 start conversations smoothly, if you are able to open smoothly, you will greater success because you have started on the right foot so to speak. You know, there are m any points of improvement in the dating area, but the first thing you always have to do is open your bottle of pheromone cologne.