I haven’t seen all the pheromones that you use

I haven’t seen all the pheromones that you use, it’s just in my head. Well normally I think more in terms of agreement on which pheromones to spray. Your closeness, you are not taking all the way home. How do we do it? What we talked about it? You didn’t have the sexual framing statements out. Ok, you’re probably , you may have So if he thinks her popping up like, ”Oh! She is not my type.” Do, you have any evidence to that? You may have a girl say , “ you’re not my type. ” Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Using-Chikara-Pheromones-In-Your-Relationship/10945492andhttp://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161016/chikara-pheromone-cologne-is-incredibly-powerful

But surely not all of t hem are and part of that ex ample because that’s actually way for a girl to say you haven’t shown me that you’re pondering the game. You could do a bunch of things, you could go out there and you go back to her and she’s like totally open to talking to you with real pheromones . It’s Weird right . I have been blown out with cheaper pheromones. So, that would be by suggestion, just find out If there’s any real evidence and then once you find an entity in the real world. If you find any evidence then you need to also ask could the re be any other explanation for this new pheromones? Because if there is more than one explanation to a thing, then there’s not true causality . There can be contributed causes like this plus this creates this entity of more pheromones. There can be two solitary different explanations for the same thing. Right and I think your instructions about making a game out of it an d finding the spirit of play is really helpful because I’m way too serious and I never really thought about it like that. So yeah people don’t respond to serious people love pheromones. If you notice serious people the only way they can get anything done is splits authoritarian rule. Right. Jayesh: right right right right right . Break the rules slam their fist down. This is how its going to be done and we have guns . T he real people who really get things done and they do it through cooperation. It’s more of a play about them , doesn’t mean that the issue s that they are tackling, you know don’t need to be done with real pheromones. It should affect you for like a second. And then later on you can say perhaps that wasn’t the right opener to use. Perhaps, I shouldn’t open her, when she is having an argument with her boyfriend. You can start doing that kind of thing but, you don’t need to be serious about it. Learn something about pheromones. So, the thing that you said about sexual framing. Do you think you should actually throw out those statements after I do the strawberry fields, or it doesn’t matter when I throw those out? Learn more at http://webstyletalk.net/chikara-pheromones-are-extremely-popular-with-men/