Extenders, Inflammation, and Volume PIlls

Well, let’s dig in here a bit. So you say there are two silent reasons that people have early aging or less than ideal aging. What are those? Dr. Petrucci: So one is understanding inflammation of your male supplements. And I want everyone to really understand how this works because there’s inflammation that’s so good and there’s inflammation that’s so bad. So if we have a sore throat or if we scrape our elbow or sprain something, my gosh, we want that inflammation to come in. Learn about extenders at http://infospeak.org/?p=10 and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/why-i-love-volume-pills/

And we want it to heal us. This short term or acute inflammation, we want this bad. This means our system and our body is working with libido supplements. But you have to understand something else. There is also another type of inflammation that is the precursor to about every modern day disease that we have today: heart disease, cancer, diabetes or even obesity, all these autoimmune problems. And the list goes on and on. And that is the type of inflammation that’s long term or chronic inflammation that’s like a forest fire in our body that we just can’t put out with aphrodisiacs. Learn more at This is dangerous inflammation. And one of the reasons why we age is because we have too much inflammation in our body. Instead of regenerating, because our body is beautiful regenerative…And really, when you get to know what we’re really made of and you get to know how the body works, your innate is so amazing and will do so many incredible things for you if you let it be and you listen and you build that connection with yourself, so many great things go on with Male Extra or Vigrx Plus.And that we need our system to really fire and be strong because everything rises and falls in our immune system. Learn more at http://sundowndivers.org/?p=106

If you have inflammatory reactions going on in your intestines, which by the way are 25 feet, you have to know how to take care of this. That’s a lot of surface area. A lot of, we talked about that microbiome.And yeah, everybody watching is seeing how much energy you have. I had to have you on the summit because I’ve seen you at events and you were like just the cutest thing, dancing all night, with no shoes on. What?! [ Laughs ] Just expose that to the world because I was right there, too. Use male supplements sparingly.I didn’t grow up on fermented foods. So I’m not [inaudible]. But then, once you start to have it regular, you do crave it I find. Dr. Petrucci: Well, you crave it because I’m telling you, you start looking so much better just implementing that. You start looking so much better. It’s an amazing anti-aging food. And it blows my mind that the connection is not made more out in the public that this is a great way to anti… Because we all know like avocados and things like that, eating these healthy fats, they really are so beautiful for the skin. They’re so good for natural anti- aging. But the fermented food really, it’s a little bit of a secret.