Electronic cigarettes – the essentials

The text you are about to read is aimed mostly at those people who have had no experiences with electronic cigarettes and who are not that familiar with what these devices are and what they can do for them. We are aware that there are not that many people who fit this description but we are sure that there are far more people who might know some of the basic ideas behind electronic cigarettes but who need to have it all explained organized and laid out clearly and succinctly.

We think that the best place to start our little introductory course on electronic cigarettes would be to start form the way in which these cigs work, but first take a look at some of the best electronic cigarette kits available in the UK here. Unlike regular cigarettes that produce smoke as the tobacco is burned, electronic cigs do not employ any tobacco. Instead, they have a liquid which is heated up and turned to vapour in this way. This vapour is then available for you to inhale and exhale. The heating up part is done by an atomizer which is in turn powered by a battery which takes up the largest part of the e-cig. The atomizer is automatically turned on when you drag on the cigarette and its work is done instantaneously allowing you to drag and inhale the vapour that has just been created in the same moment. It is great, advanced technology although it might not seem that way at the first glance.

The ingredients in the liquid that is found in electronic cigarettes are very few and very safe. They are water, glycol propylene and the flavouring. There is the optional ingredient of nicotine, although it is not present in all of the electronic cigarettes, but in those which are rich in this stimulant. The glycol propylene and the flavouring have been taken from other technologies and devices that have been used safely for decades and it is therefore believed that electronic cigarettes may cause no harm to the health. What is definitive is that there is no tar to speak of, no tobacco being burned and no additives that have been established to be the main dangers of regular smoking. Moreover, you do not produce second hand smoke for the simple reason that you do not produce smoke.

There are no limits to the flavours that can be purchase and tried out. There are a number of flavours that are available from every manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and there are even more diverse flavours to be bought from companies that specialize in the production of the liquids for electronic cigarettes and which can be bought separately. Some people will say that these liquids are not that high quality like the ones you get with your e-cig, but in our opinion and experience, this is complete nonsense.

It should also be said that electronic cigarettes do not produce any odour and that they will not stain your fingers or your teeth. You will also never reek of tobacco smoke ever again and you will not have to bow down your head in shame as people around you smell that stench of cigarette smoke on your body. Because of this and because of lack of second hand smoke, most places that would otherwise never allow smoking are becoming more and more lax about electronic cigarettes. It is only a matter of time before you will be able to smoke your e-cigs everywhere you go, literally everywhere.