Eat Everyday on 17 Day Diet

You look like you have like 25-30? kgs to losse, if you want to maximise your strength to the weight classes? (You should be around 10-12% if you want to maximise your results as a weightlifter). That’s between 50-150 weeks … that will not be good for your weightlifting … if you can cut that down to 25 weeks that will make a massive difference. The reason you often don’t deadlift as much in weightlifting is not because it messes with your technique – that’s like being afraid to front squat or overhead squat to ruin your back squat, it won’t happen …. The real problem normally is if you tap out all your resources on the deadlift instead of on the pull … make no doubt about it though – body and strength wise the deadlift will build you much more than the pulls, so that way you need to be smart about it … Now take a normal total beginner, he has nothing doing deadlifting when he starts weightlifting – just as a beginner in power lifting has nothing doing board pressing … but when things advance (dependent on what philosophy your training is adjusted to) things can change … Learn more at and

If you have problems holding onto your mass, try switching the 5reps x 3 sets to 2 sets x 5 reps + 1 set 8 reps – or even just 6-8 reps x 2 sets … Since you are on a kcal deficit, I don’t see any reason to program it to much … What I would like to see you do though, is for you to DELOAD and be in a light kcal SURPLUS for that week – every 6 weeks … I repeat that only do a light kcal deficit … So that’s light kcal deficit the other weeks, and one week with kcal surplus while deloading (allowing you to super compensate, and recover) … ALSO in this period of time, you will not do any cardio training! IF you have short enough brakes between the light singles in your weightlifting that should be more than enough to maintain cardio levels! That’s because you missed my advice! If you want to losse weight, but don’t grow weaker every day doing so: Base this period on heavy powerlifting, not weightlifting! When it comes to this thing the problem with weightlifting will always be that the movements are done in a way they use allot of power (not strength /power) that is they are moved severely fast … this mean short time under tension – which means they are good for developing power (acceleration) – less so strength – even lesser so maintaining or building muscle mass … (of cause in a total beginner everything will build strength and mass, but you know what I mean) … I have trained with some serious good weightlifters over the years – I always found them some of the most impressive athletes there is – but they where never built like a powerlifter … the ones that was combined powerlifers and weightlifters, where severly more massive – esp the shoulderes even though weightlifteres throw weights above their heads nonstop every single day … Learn more at