Do We Still Need Administrative Jobs?

Let’s face it – the job market nowadays is virtually non-existent. The unemployment rate increases every single day. You almost need to know someone who knows someone in order to even land a job interview. It seems that the only jobs available are in specialized fields. One type of occupation that will probably always be in demand is the administrative field. Almost any successful company needs someone, to some degree, for administrative jobs. Businesses have customers and customers need to be able to reach them. This requires someone to answer those phone calls. Most times, employees and owners don’t have the time or energy to handle those needs themselves. Therefore, administrative jobs are quite a necessity to them.
What do administrative jobs typically entail? As mentioned, administrative jobs will require you to become familiar with various types of phone systems and have the ability to be able to communicate with customers and clients. You’ll probably need to be able to use a computer with a great amount of ease and skill. Some companies will require their administrative jobs to have very minor computer skills while others will have specialized programs that you need to be able to move through perfectly. Where there are computers and papers that are printed out as a result of that computer usage, there are usually filing systems. You may find that some administrative jobs require a lot of tedious filing and others have very little time involved with paperwork. Depending on the size of the company, the amount of paperwork generated and what type of business it is, the filing needs could vary greatly.
What are some other responsibilities of administrative jobs? These jobs may require that you do a lot of annoying tasks as well – from filling up the paper trays for the printers to scheduling personal appointments for your superiors, the boundaries for these positions may be constantly changing. A particular personality may be needed for administrative jobs. Not everyone is tolerant enough to jump up and down to get a beverage for clients or put more toner in the copy machine. However, if you don’t mind some of the mentioned tasks and have excellent people skills, looking into administrative jobs may be ideal for you.
While it isn’t easy to find any vacant job positions right now, administrative jobs are always needed and may not always be advertised. Take some time to create a resume that highlights and focuses on your administrative skills. Pick out some local businesses, of all sizes, and pay them a visit. No, they may not be hiring or advertising any possible vacant positions. However, no harm will come from marketing yourself in times of need. What’s the worst that can happen? You are shown the door and your resume is tossed aside? Sure…….that can happen. So what. You just may find that you walk through the right door at the right time and one of those administrative jobs will soon be yours for the taking.