Custom Homes are Different from Production Homes


Custom homes are homes which are completely personalized for a particular homeowner. The name custom homes is self-explanatory. The homeowner is in complete control of the whole project. The homeowner decides how the home is going to turn out. This is in complete contrast to a production home where the builder decides how the home turns out. In those cases, there will be many similar looking homes with identical plans and designs. Of course, production homes cost a lot lesser than custom homes. It depends on your budget.

A custom home is costly because it is like a dream home for a homeowner. There is a lot more effort involved in the construction of a custom home. One wrong step can cause a lot of delays and money. Builders have to be very meticulous during the whole project. But, such constraints are not there in case of a production home wherein work keeps happening like clockwork without the need of much creative input.


Custom homes are usually built by specialist building firms such as the Merlin Custom Home Builders in Nevada.