Building a Green Custom Home

Building a custom home is not a cake walk. Upon that, if you want to build a green custom home, then the project can get even more complicated. A lot of factors need to be considered during the planning phase of a green custom home.

A green custom home should have energy efficient windows, doors and appliances. You need to get energy star windows and doors installed in your home. These windows and doors don’t make a lot of noise and the performance of the windows would also be very good. Protective coatings are used on these windows. They are very good at blocking UV rays coming from sunlight. This would prevent the furniture in your custom home from getting damaged. Usage of energy star washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators would go a long way in making sure that the utility bills are low. It is also better to go for LED lights. Even the roofs can be made to be energy efficient. A well insulated roof would be very helpful in this regard.

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