An intense orgasmic state

An intense orgasmic state is continuous and can last for many minutes, even hours. This is also known as an expanded orgasm or a plateau orgasm, as opposed to the peak orgasms we just described. This is experienced as an ecstatic, trance-like condition and some women can stay in this state with very little ongoing stimulation. Learn more at and After an intense orgasmic state has passed, it can take anything from a few minutes to half an hour or more to regain a normal state of consciousness and be able to function in the world, for example, walking or driving. • Meditative orgasmic state A meditative orgasmic state is a very long, deep and relaxed orgasmic state. It is experienced with or without stimulation. Your breath slows considerably and your heartbeat might also slow down. You may feel inner joy, bliss, profound peace, oneness, dissolution of your personality and that ‘everything is as it should be.’ The physical pleasure becomes secondary compared to the feeling of bliss and transcendence. Spiritual visions, insights and realizations might also appear during this state. Many women continue to affirm their limiting beliefs. ‘I’m not feeling anything’ or ‘It hurts’ or ‘I’m not orgasmic’ or ‘I never orgasm.’ So these beliefs become, or remain, their reality. But if you have recognized your limiting beliefs and have decided to let them go, you need to create a set of empowering beliefs phrased as intentions, positive statements or affirmations. 1. Come up with positive affirmations that are in in no way limiting. For example: − ‘I’m worthy of love.’ − ‘I love my self, my body, my genitals and my sexuality.’ − ‘It’s okay to feel, express and let go.’ − ‘I am a sexual woman.’ − ‘I am an orgasmic woman.’ Also come up with affirmations according to your specific situation. 2. Choose three affirmations that are the most meaningful, inspiring or charged for you. Write your three selected affirmations in your orgasmic diary. Consider sticking them to your mirror, laptop, windscreen or smartphone. 3. Vocalize your affirmations every morning and whenever you are feeling fear or doubt. 4. Repeat your selected affirmations while you self-pleasure or when you are in another high-energy state, such as when dancing, exercising or making love. Using the energy of orgasm, pleasure or dance will help you manifest these affirmations. Embodiment practice – Visualize an amazing sex experience Visualization is another way you can use your mind as a powerful tool to create sexual energy or heal your past wounds. Visualization begins with the mind but then creates a real effect in your body. So in the beginning you might be ‘just imagining,’ but soon you will be able to actually feel it. Here are two ways you can try this: • Visualize what amazing sex would feel like. Describe the physical attributes and character of your partner. Describe the feelings, emotions and sensations you perceive through all five senses. Write this down. • Write a description of one of your fantasies. Don’t try to make it nice. It doesn’t need to be ‘spiritual’ or ‘artistic’ or ‘poetic’ or ‘feminine’ or even ‘sensual.’ Just start writing. For example, ‘I touch my nipple … I feel this … I do this … He does that … I can feel my heart pulsating … His hard-on is pressing against my thigh … I can feel my pussy getting wet,’ and so on. Describe your perception through your five senses as well as your feelings, emotions, thoughts, associations and memories. Learn more at