Building a Luxury Custom Home Requires Time


It is quite natural to spend a lot of energy and time designing your dream custom home. You would want your new home to be perfect. Of course, you need to consider other factors such as location, cost and the market trend while building the new home. If you have a wish list which you like to incorporate into your new home, you need to convey the list accurately to your architect and the custom home builder.

If your project is on a sensitive time schedule, then you need to discuss that with the builder and figure out the possibilities. To be honest, custom home building is time consuming. If you want your new home to be built without any compromises, then you need to give it adequate time.

It is a bad idea to buy an existing luxury home. It is well worth your time to hire a builder and build a brand new custom luxury home instead of buying an already built home. If time is a factor, then you are better off going for a normal production home instead of a luxury home.

Why are Custom Homes Expensive

Building a custom home is definitely not as cheap as building a production home. It is difficult to buy the raw materials required for the construction of a custom home in bulk. That is the reason why a custom home builder is respected a lot more than a normal production home builder and that is the why a custom home builder charges a lot more than a production home builder.

The labor cost for a custom home will be significantly higher than that of a production home. As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult to find labor for building a custom home. Some of the details and aspects of the home would be determined during the construction of the home. These details would not be present in the design or the blueprint of the home. These things make construction of a custom home a lot more challenging.

The time taken to complete the construction of a luxury custom home is a lot higher. Even this can raise the costs of building a custom home. In spite of all these, it is well worth spending for a custom home in a good neighborhood.

Hiring the Right Professionals for Custom Home Construction

Hiring the right people for building your custom home is one of the most crucial things. Clients need to place a lot of importance on hiring the right people for the project. If not, the project would definitely turn out to be a failure. It is particularly important if you do not know anything about custom home construction or any kind of home construction. In such a scenario, it is always advised to entrust the responsibilities in the hands of experienced professionals in the field of custom home construction.

You will be spending a lot of time with your custom home builder and the architect during the progress of the project. If they are not patient enough to listen to your requirements, then the home may not turn out as you might have expected. After all, if you are building a custom home, then most probably it would be your dream home.

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Custom Homes are Different from Production Homes


Custom homes are homes which are completely personalized for a particular homeowner. The name custom homes is self-explanatory. The homeowner is in complete control of the whole project. The homeowner decides how the home is going to turn out. This is in complete contrast to a production home where the builder decides how the home turns out. In those cases, there will be many similar looking homes with identical plans and designs. Of course, production homes cost a lot lesser than custom homes. It depends on your budget.

A custom home is costly because it is like a dream home for a homeowner. There is a lot more effort involved in the construction of a custom home. One wrong step can cause a lot of delays and money. Builders have to be very meticulous during the whole project. But, such constraints are not there in case of a production home wherein work keeps happening like clockwork without the need of much creative input.


Custom homes are usually built by specialist building firms such as the Merlin Custom Home Builders in Nevada.

Building your Dream Custom Home

Each one of us would have a dream of owning a custom luxury home. Every one of us would definitely like to live in a comfortable home which is designed exactly how we want it to be. It should also be a comprehensive custom home with all the facilities and amenities which any family in USA would expect.

Before beginning your pursuit of getting your dream home constructed, you should first think about your budget. You should save enough money which you can set aside for the construction of the home. Of course, you might think about taking bank loan. Yes, bank loan would be useful and you may also obtain tax exemptions if you go for a housing bank loan. But, you should also think about the interest that you would be paying. So, you should save enough money for the down payment.

Once you have set your budget, you should discuss the budget with a custom home builder and make sure that the budget is suitable for the construction of a custom home. Make no mistake, building a custom home can be an expensive affair.


Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home

Constructing an energy efficient custom luxury home in Las Vegas is a process which involves multiple facets. An energy efficient custom home leaves a lasting positive impact on the environment. But, not only that, the savings in terms of the utility costs are also quite profound.

Building an energy efficient custom home depends on the materials used for the construction. The experience and the knowledge of the builder plays a big role in the kind of materials used in the construction. In a city like Las Vegas, Merlin custom home builders is a company which is well known for using energy efficient materials for constructing a custom luxury home.

A good custom home builder would be well aware of all the variables involved in constructing an energy efficient home. The variables would also include the appliances which may be used in the house after the construction. Not all appliances would have high energy star scores. So, the builder should take those things into account as well during the construction.

The climate of the city in which the house is constructed should also be considered. For example, Las Vegas has a sub-tropical climate and construction should be done accordingly.

How a Custom Home Differs from Production Homes

A custom house is a special kind of home which has been designed and built according to the requirements of a particular client. Usually, an architect or a special home designer will be hired by the client to design the house. There is no predesigned plan at all when it comes to a custom home. It is designed completely according to the tastes of the client.

Custom homes differ from production homes in many ways. In a production home, the builder designs the home plan and builds multiple houses of the same design. These houses are then sold to different customers. These houses may cost a little lower than custom homes but they won’t be unique at all. Clients wouldn’t get that special feeling residing in a production home just like others. So, in case of a custom home, there is only one house built according to one design and that design is finalized only with the full consent of the client.

Building a Green Custom Home

Building a custom home is not a cake walk. Upon that, if you want to build a green custom home, then the project can get even more complicated. A lot of factors need to be considered during the planning phase of a green custom home.

A green custom home should have energy efficient windows, doors and appliances. You need to get energy star windows and doors installed in your home. These windows and doors don’t make a lot of noise and the performance of the windows would also be very good. Protective coatings are used on these windows. They are very good at blocking UV rays coming from sunlight. This would prevent the furniture in your custom home from getting damaged. Usage of energy star washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators would go a long way in making sure that the utility bills are low. It is also better to go for LED lights. Even the roofs can be made to be energy efficient. A well insulated roof would be very helpful in this regard.

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Right Season to Start Custom Home Construction

If you have decided to build a custom house, you the need to decide the right time to start the project. There is a common assumption that the summer season or the spring season is the right time to start a custom home construction project. And it is true as well. These seasons are when your project doesn’t usually get interrupted by bad weather. You would hardly see any rains during these seasons except on rare occasions in the summer. You need to plan the whole project with the builder keeping the weather in consideration. In some cases though, winter season and the fall could also be right to start custom home construction. But, it depends on the kind of home you are building.

The locality of your custom home plays an important role in determining when you should start the project. Winter is usually not the right time to start except when the winter season in your locality is mild. Building a home at cold temperatures can be a very cumbersome process. Of course, if your locality has a predominantly cold climate, then you have no other option than to start right away. There is no point waiting for summer or spring.

Importance of Designer for a Custom Home

It is not a good idea to get into a custom home building project without a good designer. But, a lot of people do this mistake. It does not matter if it is a new custom home or a home remodel. A designer is needed.

A lot of people think that a designer is not required in the beginning of a project itself. They think they can hire a designer in the middle of a project which is a completely wrong approach. If you think you are spending a lot of money by hiring a designer, then you would end up with regret at the end of the project once you realize that the project has not turned out as you liked.

Your builder himself would suggest you a good designer. You don’t have to go looking elsewhere for a custom home designer. If the builder has no recommendations to make, then you can always go online and find a good home designer who specializes in custom homes. There are many directories on the internet which list details of the top home designers in the country.